An obituary?

It began with these words: The 3Dsia project aims to create a complete intuitive to use 3D-Environment. Inspired by William Gibson's novels, our philosophy differs completely from prevailing 3D-GUIs, that just try to rebuild a windowing System in a 3D space. We think thats wrong. When we are able to immerse into a 3D-Space, why should we stick to windows? Why to buttons and to form-orientated programming? The power of three dimensions lies within the freefloating forms and intuitive interaction possibilities.
We do not want this system to become static, we strive for something like a "Alice in wonderland" environment where the designs are only limited to one's own imagination. This system is intended to show complex interactions in a three dimensional way. For example, no user knows in detail which way an email will take until it comes to the screen. With this system it is possible to show a mail as a small package, coming through a dataport and passing sendmail, tracking it from program to program and from directory to directory. This might be of invaluable aid for every system administrator. And if it is not really an aid in this case, it is at least cool, there will be other application which WILL be useful. Over the time the system should be extended to be capable of server to server communication which will enable it to visualize whole networks in 3D and the user can float from system to system freely. (of course demanding access-permission). Furthermore it will no longer be possible to just forget a system below some tiles in the floor (as really experienced in one company). You will see all servers which are connected to the network, and you will know exactly which cable to follow to find it.

,,This will be the real cyberspace''
© Alexander Feder