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Free Software

  • Bib2x is free software, licensed under the terms of the GPL v2.0.
  • If you wish to include Bib2x or any parts of it in your commercial software, please contact me.

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OS Version Filename Size
GNU/Linux (x86) 0.9 bib2x_0.9_linux_x86.tgz 124 Kb
GNU/Linux (ppc) 0.9 bib2x_0.9_linux_ppc.tgz 141 Kb
MacOS X (ppc) 0.9 bib2x_0.9_osx_ppc.tgz 125 Kb
MacOS X (x86) - na -
Win32 (Cygwin) 0.9 bib2x_0.9_win32.zip 1.17 Mb
Source 0.9.1 bib2x_0.9.1_src.tgz 448 Kb
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