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Templates are used to define Bib2x' output. You can freely choose
  • which content of your BibTeX files is to be included in the output,
  • how the resulting filetype is defined
  • and what it shall look like.
Let these templates be a suggestion for your own, or use them unmodified if they fit your needs.

To learn about all possibilities you gain with Bib2x' template language, please consult the documentation or have a look at the templates provided below.

Available Templates

Template File Format Author Description Example
Curriculum Vitae Template HTML AF - -
C++ Template C++ Source AF - -
Minimalistic Template HTML AF - -
Fancy Tables Template HTML AF - -
BibTex Cleaning Template BibTeX AF - -
Bib to RTF Template RTF AF - -
Annotating Template HTML AF - -
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